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New Veterinary Products Available

Impact Medical Company offers human and veterinary orthopedic implants. Please visit our Veterinary Products page for more information.


Trauma Market Focuses on New Solutions, Shifts in Care Delivery

Hannah Corcoran – Orthopreneur – November 2015 Trends in the trauma market, the third largest segment in the orthopaedic industry, center on new technologies and treatment methods such as minimally invasive techniques and the use of orthobiologics. Advancements in product offerings aside, shifts in the healthcare delivery system, characterized by changes in decision-making power at …


Can generic orthopedic device start-ups disrupt medtech giants?

Laura Dyrda, Becker’s Spine Review – August 4, 2014 A Portland-based start-up, Implant Medical, aims to disrupt the orthopedic and spine device field with less costly implants and screws, according to a Portland Business Journal report. The company isn’t the first device start-up to tackle the high-cost of orthopedic and spine implants. Companies like Orthopaedic Implant …


Strategies: How a Portland startup tackles the $382 screw problem

Elizabeth Hayes, Portland Business Journal – July 4, 2014 Impact Medical founder and CEO EJ Duffy understands his biggest competition because he used to work for them. Before founding Impact, he worked for rival Synthes for 17 years as an Oregon-based salesperson and manager. “I saw a company that was somewhat small grow to be a …


The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill

Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times – June 2, 2013 Merrick, N.Y. – Deirdre Yapalater’s recent colonoscopy at a surgical center near her home here on Long Island went smoothly; she was whisked from pre-op to an operating room where a gastroenterologist, assisted by an anesthesiologist and a nurse, performed the routine cancer screening procedure in less …

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