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Veterinary K-Wire

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  • Available in Single ended, Double ended and Threaded Trocar Points
  • Wide range of diameters in multiple lengths
  • 316L Stainless Steel
0.6mm K-wire


0.8mm K-wire

70mm / 150mm / 150mm Double

1.0mm K-wire

150mm / 150mm Double

1.1mm K-wire

150mm / 150mm Threaded 5mm

1.25mm K-wire

150mm / 150mm Double

1.6mm K-wire

150mm / 150mm Double / 150mm Threaded 5mm / 150mm Threaded 15mm

2.0mm K-wire

150mm / 150mm Double / 150mm Threaded 15mm

0.8mm Guide Wire

100mm Spade

1.1mm Guide Wire

150mm Nonthreaded Spade / 150mm Threaded Spade

1.25mm Guide Wire

150mm Threaded Spade

2.0mm Guide Wire

230mm Non-Threaded Spade / 230mm Threaded Spade / 300mm Threaded Trocar

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