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Small Fragment Set

Average Six Month Savings
Average Monthly Savings
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  • Self-tapping screws standard in all sets
  • Choice of multiple thread lengths in all diameters
  • Compatible with existing hospital instrumentation
  • Cannulated screws in both Short and Long Threads
  • Cannulated screws with reverse cutting threads to assist in removal
  • Conical thread on the head of locking screws locks into threaded holes in plates for fixed angle construct

3.5mm Cortex Screw (10-55mm)
3.5mm Locking Screw – Star drive (10-55mm)
4.0mm Cancellous Screw (10-55mm)
4.0mm Cannulated Screw ST
4.0mm Cannulated Screw LT
1/3 Tubular Plates 3.5mm Locking (2,3,5,6,7,8,10 Holes)
Straight Plates 3.5mm Locking (5,6,7,8,10 Holes)

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